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President’s Letter

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4 million people quit their jobs in March 2023. Some left to take on new challenges. Others left in search of more flexible work arrangements. No matter the reasons, employers across all industries are feeling the loss of some of their best workers.

How can companies better retain their top employees? Believe it or not, it starts with the hiring process.

It’s critical to evaluate candidates not only for the skills they bring to the role but also for their culture fit within the company. In this month’s HR Insights, Juan Betancourt’s article “How to Evaluate Job Candidates for Long-Term Employee Retention” outlines four lenses for assessing candidates. By learning about a candidate’s motivators and priorities, employers can better understand what will keep them engaged.

At Employment Enterprises, we take a proactive role when matching candidates to our clients’ open positions. We work towards a culture fit as a top priority, because skills can be taught and improved. Yet if the candidate does not fit a client’s culture, the relationship is not likely to last. Learn more about this process in our Executive Search Guide, found at

We also maintain a continual dialogue with our employees. Proactive and consistent one-on-one meetings regarding their goals and career path can bring to light important motivators and map out career strategies to help them excel and keep them engaged.

Lovey Hammel, President

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