Two Simple Strategies to Improve Your Staffing

Jan 5, 2022

So…how about that crazy job market?

For the past several months, companies have struggled to find top talent to fill their open positions. This situation long predates the arrival of COVID-19 (do a quick Internet search for “skills gap” and you’ll see what I mean), but the pandemic has definitely made it worse.

Before, some organizations encountered difficulties mostly when trying to source people with certain skill sets. Today, companies of all sizes and in all sectors and industries are having a hard time with staffing — and the business forecast doesn’t call for this situation to change any time soon.

Fortunately, two simple strategies can help your company increase its chances of finding — and retaining — the employees it needs.

Tailor your recruitment funnel to the market

Take the time to do some research on what candidates actually want — and then offer it to them. In recent years (and especially during the pandemic) candidates have adjusted their expectations. Now, they are increasingly waiting for positions with remote work options, more flexible scheduling, or other features that allow for better work-life balance and offer more growth opportunities — and they are passing over positions that fall short in these areas. Obviously, this advice doesn’t apply to unrealistic demands. But companies that want to attract more qualified candidates will need to be more willing to accommodate reasonable (and feasible) expectations.

Show gratitude

The end of the year is a time when companies often engage in “employee appreciation” efforts (such as holiday parties and annual gifts). But expressions of gratitude shouldn’t be limited to the last two months of the year — especially these days, when individuals and companies are still keenly feeling the many negative effects of the pandemic. An organization is only as good as its people, so be sure to let your people know (via public recognition, thank-you notes, PTO awards, gift card, or other forms) that you are grateful for all they do for your company. When delivered frequently and sincerely, your gratitude can improve employee engagement and influence their decision to stay with your company.

Written by: Mackenzie Froese

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