How Employers Can Ride the Tides of Leisure and Hospitality Demands

Dec 13, 2023

As the economy shifts and generational wealth dwindles, people’s priorities are also shifting. From the tiny house trend to minimalist living, research shows that Millennials and Gen Zers want to do things, not buy things.

Over the next 10 years, the U.S. economy is projected to add around 4.7 million jobs—and hospitality, leisure, and tourism will play a big part. This includes arts, recreation, entertainment, accommodations, and food services—everyone from restaurant cooks to arts performers, sporting event attendants to amusement park operators. This supergroup is expected to increase jobs by more than 3% on average.

Along with this trend, professional positions within the hospitality, leisure, and tourism industries will also increase. After all, these companies still need accountants, marketing professionals, human resources staff, and more.

Yet with the seasonal nature of the tourism industry, how can employers manage the ebb and flow of their labor needs?

The answer lies in a thoughtful human resources and staffing strategy. Purposeful planning and investment in partnerships will ease the growing pains—and layoffs—that often come with necessary fluctuations in workforce. An experienced workforce partner will carry a company through these ups and downs.


Hiring Contractors

Employing individuals is a challenge in itself, but when your company has seasonal openings, it can be even more difficult. No employer wants to hire workers only to lay them off when business slows. Using contractors can ease this back-and-forth. It also can increase morale among employees, as they enter the position understanding that the engagement will be ending.

A staffing partner can provide experienced, capable employees to serve your customers. The hospitality and leisure industry depends on friendliness, so certain skills are a priority. Even if you’re looking to hire “back office” professional positions, your company culture likely revolves around attention to detail and delivering the best customer experience possible. That kind of culture should be prevalent throughout the staff, no matter whether it’s a directly client-facing role or not.

At Employment Enterprises, candidates are matched with roles not only by corresponding skills but also by company values. The alignment of company culture and personal values is critical for a positive employee relationship.


Pipeline Recruiting

It’s unrealistic to expect that you will find a large group of employees who match the skills and experience you need all at once. Your staffing partner can continuously recruit for the types of positions that you will eventually need to fill. This is called building a pipeline. By keeping in contact with qualified candidates, you’ll have options when you need them and be able to act quickly to hire them.

This is especially true with professional roles, where turnover is often more involved and requires workers who can take over without a large overlap with the incumbent, if any.

“We work on pipelining for the majority of our clients,” says Amanda Dobson, Director of Recruitment at Employment Enterprises. “They know that we will ask questions about their open roles and those that are expected to become available. We learn as much as we can about the positions and pair that information with our knowledge of each client’s culture and values. It’s a successful partnership that yields fantastic results!”



Your staffing partner should also be able to quickly bring your selected candidates up to speed with all requirements. Some industries or companies require specialized background checks, fingerprinting, or other legal processes prior to employment. Others have site-specific information that must be conveyed to each worker so that they can access secure areas. No matter the specifics, Employment Enterprises handles all onboarding tasks to further streamline the workflow for each client.


Your Workforce Partner

For more than 43 years, Employment Enterprises has partnered with businesses throughout the Washington, D.C. metro area. Our experience with staffing professional roles for hospitality and leisure companies positions us to support the unique needs of the industry. Contact us for more information on how we can strengthen your workforce!

Written by: Employment Enterprises

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