You’ve Graduated, Now What? 5 Job Search Tips for Recent College Grads

May 17, 2022

Congratulations! You’ve just achieved one of the biggest accomplishments of your life. You finished all your classwork and were able to practice your career choice through internships and summer jobs. But what comes next? Typically, students start applying to jobs in their last semester of college – if they have time. These five tips will help you get your foot in the door.

1. Research Your Field or Industry
Based on your degree, you can search for companies that have similar job titles to those in your area of study. You want to check each company’s culture, address, benefits, and more. We recommend having a list of all the companies that spark your interest and notes about why you like them.

2. Find Alumni Who Currently Work in The Company

If you have a LinkedIn profile, it will be easy to search for the list of companies you are interested in. Did you know that LinkedIn has a useful feature where you can see alumni who currently work at that company? Look through the list of alumni and find someone you can connect with. Send an approachable and respectful message or connection request asking if you can get some details about the company and any advice on how to land an interview.

3. Create a Message Template Before You Send

It can be nerve-wracking to think of messaging someone you don’t know. Create a message template that includes a brief introduction, a one-line description of your request, a nice sign-off, and a call to action. Your call to action might be “Are you available for a 30-minute Zoom call the week of [date]?” It’s important to respect their time and preferences, so if they say no just thank them and let it go.

4. Apply to Your Ideal Job
Once you’ve gotten some insight on each company, it’s time to apply! Create a resume tailored to the job description and write a compelling cover letter. Proofread multiple times and submit your information to each company through the proper channels. (Don’t be tempted to apply through your alumni contact unless they specifically instructed you to do so.)

5. Wait Patiently, But with Positivity
Some companies have a lengthy hiring process, which can be discouraging to eager candidates. Don’t let this kill your motivation! While you wait to hear back, work on your soft skills and find other ways to network with potential employers.

We’re always here to be your resource for job seekers. We wish every new grad good luck on their job-seeking journey!

Written by:  Alessandra Cespedes

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