Tips to Ace Your Next One-Way Video Interview

Jun 29, 2023

While more and more companies are requiring employees to work onsite, virtual tools are still heavily used in the hiring process. Some businesses have started using one-way video interviews to screen candidates. These asynchronous interviews allow for easier scheduling since each candidate is not speaking directly with a company representative. It also levels the playing field for candidates who live farther away from the office and may not be able to travel for multiple interviews.

How Does a One-Way Video Interview Work?

The candidate will log in to their account on a company’s hiring platform. Sometimes, this is even a part of the initial application process for the position. Most of the time, the candidate can save their application and record at a later time (say, when they are dressed professionally).

There is typically a trial run built in to the process so that each candidate can check their computer settings.

When the candidate is ready, written questions will appear on the computer screen. The candidate then has a limited amount of time to record each answer in a video. (Some platforms allow re-takes and others don’t.) Once all questions are answered, the candidate submits the interview to the company. Later, the hiring manager or HR representative reviews the submission and decides if they want to proceed with a live interview.

If this process sounds very technical, that may be on purpose. Companies can use a candidate’s ability to participate in the one-way video interview process as an indicator of their tech savvy. It can also be a predictor of a candidate’s preparedness and ability to work remotely if that is an option.

Tips for a Successful One-Way Video Interview

Most of the tips for success are the same as those for an in-person interview. Review your resume and be prepared to speak to any or all items listed. Practice answers to behavioral and technical questions that relate to your field and your experience. Dress appropriately, maintain eye contact (look at the camera), and smile!

One of the biggest considerations for a video interview is your background. Make sure you are in a location with good lighting and a professional, clutter-free space. Bonus points for a neutral background with no distractions.

You also want to make sure you’re not looking at yourself on the system’s preview. You should smile and appear pleasant, but don’t watch yourself the entire time! Try not to fidget or look too much at the notes you’ve prepared.

If you treat a one-way video interview the same way you would an in-person interview, you’ll be on the right track. Your success all comes back to preparedness, so make sure you don’t skip that practice round and you’ll be all set!

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