These 4 Questions Will Reveal What Motivates You

Apr 21, 2022

As you are preparing for an interview, you may find yourself digging through the internet to research a company inside and out. It’s true that hiring managers want to see that you’ve done your homework, but they also want to see how well you know yourself. Not to mention that knowing what motivates you has its benefits outside the workplace. Ask yourself these 4 questions to reflect on what drives you to be your best self at work.

1. What are you most proud of?

Think about some of your greatest accomplishments. From recent graduates to seasoned professionals, we all have special achievements that deserved to be recognized. Don’t be afraid to emphasize your strengths! Sharing something that you are most proud of highlights your professional values and how you define success.

2. What makes you excited to come to work?

The cliché “what gets you up in the morning” question can unveil a lot about how motivation has shaped your professional life. Be honest with yourself and explore your reasonings at a deeper level. Almost anyone can say that it’s their love for their industry or their financial needs, so think beyond these themes.

3. Who inspires you?

Whether it be a family member, a public personality, or a fictional character, your inspirational figure can hint at the qualities and accomplishments that you aspire to (or already) have. Don’t stop at the “who” – consider why and how this person has affected you. Think about the values that your inspiration has and connect them to your life in the workplace.

4. What drives you to do your best?

Asking yourself this question can tell you what sorts of things keep you engaged at work. Maybe it’s working in a team, learning new things, or recognition for your efforts. You can even pull from your previous answers from who inspires you or what makes you excited to come to work. A hiring manager may want to know this to help bolster your efficiency.

After self-reflecting using these questions, you are ready to use them at your next interview! Hiring managers want to know about your values just as much as they want to know about your experience, so they may ask similar questions. Keep in mind that these questions are meant to be open-ended with no uniform answer. No matter where your motivation comes from, preparation and confidence can ensure that it shines through.

Written by: Sadie Aram

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