The Top 5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Jul 20, 2023

Resume mistakes can tank your chances of getting called for an interview. Recruiters have typically made up their mind about a candidate within a minute of reading their resume. This means that if they spot one of these resume mistakes, they’re immediately moving on to the next candidate.

#5: Not Including Your Full History

If you’re not including a complete look at your skills, experience, and education, you are doing your self a disservice. You should list each experience you’ve had from your career as long as it pertains to your industry. (For example, if you worked as a waitress in college but you’re applying for an IT position, you don’t have to include it if you don’t want to.)

You should also include all the skills you’ve learned over time, your educational degrees and certifications, and any awards you’ve received for your work.


#4: Not Tailoring Your Resume to the Position

What does the job description have to do with writing your resume? Everything! You should be working to tailor your resume for each position you apply for. Read the job description fully and make a list of keywords used throughout. These can be skills required, software and applications used, responsibilities they expect, and more. You should also make note of any keywords that are used within the industry as a whole.

Now that you’ve identified keywords, insert them appropriately in your resume. Make sure that you’re only using keywords that truthfully apply to your skills and experience!

#3: Not Keeping It Professional

Employers take note of how professional a resume is and use that information to decide whether to interview a candidate. If your email address is, it’s likely that you will be overlooked! Create a professional email address with your first and last name if you don’t have one.

You also want to keep your resume format simple. Don’t use photos, which can play into unconscious biases of the hiring team. You also shouldn’t use any “fancy” fonts or hard to read type sizes. Make sure formatting is clear and consistent.


#2: Not Proofreading SEVERAL Times

More than 60% of hiring managers will reject a candidate if there is a typo on their resume. To showcase your attention to detail and eagerness to obtain the position, make sure you proofread your resume! And don’t settle for a quick glance. Proofread several times, ask a friend or family member to proofread it, and be certain that your resume is error-free.


#1: Not Being Truthful!

Dishonesty is a major red flag for any candidate. And studies have reported that 75% of HR managers have caught a candidate lying on their resume!

Make sure your resume is an honest look at your skills and experience. The hiring team will have the opportunity to assess your true capability in the position and you’ll be happier with a clear conscience.

Written by: Sarah Perlman

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