The Top 5 Questions You Should Ask at a Career Fair

Mar 18, 2021

Career fairs are a great way to introduce yourself to potential employers. But remember, you’re interviewing them just as they are interviewing you! To help make sure whoever you work for will be a good fit and help you achieve your career goals, you must ask the right questions. Coming prepared with a list of questions to ask potential employers is essential. Questions that demonstrate preparation, thoughtfulness, and interest make a favorable impression on hiring managers. Below are the best questions to ask during a career fair.

5. What kind of skills and experience do you look for in the employees you hire?

Asking this question allows you to gauge your own skillset. Use the answers to determine if this role would be beneficial—and, importantly, enjoyable–for you. You’ll also broaden your prospects and possibly discover what kind of role you would be best suited for.

4. What are the characteristics of your most successful employees?

This question communicates to recruiters that you want to thrive in your job. By matching their answers with your own skills and experience, you can feel confident that you are a good fit for open positions at the company. This question will also give you an opportunity to explain how your past experiences helped you gain the qualities they are seeking in a candidate.

3. What is your organization’s culture like?

Asking about the company culture is critical for deciding if you want to move forward. Company culture plays a huge part in your happiness at work, no matter what the job role is.

2. Are there opportunities for training through the organization?

Some companies offer training and development for their employees, which can help you gain more experience and develop more skills. This question suggests you are thinking about developing a career in the industry and demonstrates that you care about your development as a professional. In other words, you are worth investing in. 

1. Can I follow up with further questions? Do you have a business card?

First impressions will become lasting impressions if you take the time to follow up with the representative after meeting them. Asking for a hiring manager’s contact information is good practice for networking, and it allows you to send a thank you letter that serves as a reminder of your meeting.

Written by: Brianne Tomko

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