Should You Hire a Career Coach?

Feb 15, 2024

If you’re at a crossroads in your professional journey, you may be considering hiring a career coach. Often, people contemplating a career move have trouble making decisions as their priorities shift. As the job market evolves, the option of hiring a career coach has become increasingly popular.


What is a Career Coach?

A career coach is someone you might hire to help you define—and reach—your career goals and, ultimately, your full potential. Because everyone’s professional journey is unique to their situation, career coaching can look different for different people. Sometimes it involves planning your next job move. Other times, it can help you make a major transition to a new industry or role. It should always be focused on helping you determine your career trajectory and how to achieve your plan.

With over 48,000 certified coaches worldwide, engaging a career coach is not a passing trend! A career coach is like a therapist that is solely focused on guiding you through your professional life.


Is a Career Coach Right for You?

The question persists: Is hiring a career coach the right move for you? On the one hand, you can receive personalized guidance and in-depth time spent understanding your specific needs. They can also help you gain clarity on your ideas and dreams for your work life, including goal setting.

On the other hand, there can be a significant financial investment in career coaching. Beyond that (potentially insurmountable) hurdle, most career coaches are in one of two categories. First, they may be an industry-specific coach who focuses a certain type of role or field. Or, they could be a generalist who understand the job market as a whole but doesn’t have in-depth resources for your chosen industry. Either could be helpful depending on your goals, but you’d have to thoroughly vet your options.


A Potential Alternative to a Career Coach

Before you hire a career coach, consider working with an employment agency. Recruiters fulfill many of the needs that people looking for a coach actually need, including:

  • Helping develop your interview skills and practice interviewing;
  • Facilitating skills assessments to quantify your talents;
  • Providing guidance on roles that match your skills and experience;
  • Assisting with finding flexible work arrangements and complementary company cultures; and
  • Exploring ways to upskill or reskill to make your next move.

The best part of all? Working with a recruiter is free for job seekers! Recruiters work hard to find the perfect match for your skills, experience, and cultural preferences. They take pride in helping people like you find their ideal job opportunity.


Making the Decision

Only you can decide whether hiring a career coach is the best choice to help you move forward in your journey. Carefully consider your individual circumstances, professional goals, and budgetary constraints. And be sure research potential career coaches! Read reviews, assess each coach’s philosophy and methodology, and meet them for an exploratory call or meeting.

Engaging a career coach—or working with a recruiter—can be a transformative experience. Ultimately, you should find a partner with whom you are comfortable sharing your thoughts and who can help you identify and achieve a job you love.

Written by: Employment Enterprises

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