Sadie Aram: My Reflection on my Internship at EEI

Sep 23, 2021

At Employment Enterprises, Inc. (EE, Inc.), we are constantly on the lookout for fresh faces to intern at local companies – including our own. Our internship programs have given many students the real-world career experience they need while providing employers with eager, educated, and professional employees.

Soon, I will be starting my third year at James Madison University (JMU) in Harrisonburg, Virginia. As I complete my summer marketing internship here at EEI, I want to reflect on what I’ve learned and how it has impacted my future as a professional.

Why EE, Inc.?

The first thing that drew me to EEI was its status as a woman-owned business. As a young woman making my debut in the business scene, I felt the company would be a great fit for me. Having lived in Prince William County for 19 years, I was excited to work for a company that served and operated in the area I grew up in.

Once I began my internship, I was instantly drawn to how welcoming the staff was. Everyone was eager to help me grow as a professional and was supportive of the work I did. They made me feel like part of the team the day I started.

How did my internship relate to my coursework at JMU?

At James Madison University (JMU), I am a communication major with a concentration in public relations. I’m also minoring in writing, rhetoric, and technical communication. As you can imagine, my coursework includes a lot of writing. My internship gave me the opportunity to showcase my writing skills by writing blogs for both HR Connection and The Employment Expert. My public relations courses have also introduced me to graphic design, and I was able to demonstrate and greatly improve my design skills while at EE, Inc.

How was my experience valuable?

I was searching for a chance to learn in a hands-on environment, and EE, Inc. was the perfect place to do that. Interning here was my first opportunity to work in a business environment. Everyone has heard the intern stereotype: they’re assigned the mundane tasks that everyone else refuses to do. My internship was anything but that. Some of my responsibilities included writing blogs, creating graphics, and managing the job board. In addition to this, I was encouraged to take time to learn new things, which made me a stronger asset to the team. The skills I’ve learned will be applicable to the rest of my college education and beyond.

What was the best part of interning at EE, Inc.?

The best part of interning here was the endless support and encouragement I received from the staff. The marketing team had amazing mentors that gave me guidance and trusted me to complete projects at top quality.

Although I won’t be in the office in the fall, I am pleased to continue working with Employment Enterprises while I continue my studies in Harrisonburg. I’m thankful for the endless opportunities presented to me and I have no doubt that what I have learned will stay with me well into the next chapters of my professional life.

Written by: Sadie Aram

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