Recent Grad? Try These Pandemic-Era Job Seeking Tips

Aug 27, 2020

According to a recent study by financial provider Affirm, 80% of graduates have rescheduled their post-graduation travel, most shifting their plans to 2021 instead. But why wait?

Just because the job outlook for recent college grads has turned on its head, don’t fret! We have strategies for landing a position during this coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few tips that will help you gain job seeking skills that will benefit you not only now, but throughout your entire career.

Be flexible

Being flexible with a new opportunity is crucial at this stage of building your career. Soft skills like communication and problem solving are the top abilities that every industry is hiring for now. Blair Heitmann, a career expert at LinkedIn, says “You are playing the long game. Build the skills you will need over the course of your career.” Opportunities that will help you move to a career of your dreams can help you stay active and engaged while you continue to look for the job you really want.

Network, network, network

Job seekers are more likely to get a job through a connection, and recent college grads are no exception. It is more important than ever for graduates to stay connected with their professional networks, as getting a referral increases the likelihood of landing a desired job.  Think about former coaches and teachers, peers from high school or college, or parents’ friends. Reaching out to former bosses from internships or other interns are also great way to find an position where you want to work.

Build up your professional profile online

It’s not enough just to present yourself on paper. You should also keep your online profiles in mind. Be active on online job search platforms and use them to have meaningful interactions. Your online profiles form the foundation of your personal brand which, when utilized to its full potential, will be monumental in differentiating yourself from other job candidates.

Nail the virtual interview

All of a sudden, even the most low-tech companies have a strong online presence when it comes to recruitment. Many students no longer have the option to attend an in-person interview, so research how to use virtual meeting platforms, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and another virtual meeting platforms. In addition, nearly all interviews, assessment centers, and psychometric tests are now conducted entirely online. This means that firms are able to recruit students and graduates without meeting face-to-face.

Take a big interest in how remote work is done

Across the world right now, employees from entry level to senior executives are working from home for the first time ever. This is a unique situation and very few people are experts at virtual work. That, in itself, presents an opportunity. Set out to educate yourself on a specific aspect of remote work (team culture, technical set up, meeting etiquette, you name it) so that you can add value to your new team from day one.

Be persistent

These are difficult times for everyone, so it is important to keep your chin up and remain optimistic about your job search. Try to approach your job search with patience, because while it may take time and some rejection, eventually, you’ll find the right job that works for you. Remember: it doesn’t have to be your passion in order to fulfill some or all of your needs.

Written by: Brianne Tomko

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