Looking Back, Moving Forward: Brielle Burris Reflects on Her Internship as She Transitions to Full-Time Employment with EEI

May 20, 2019

At Employment Enterprises, Inc. (EEI), we are constantly on the lookout for fresh faces to intern at local companies – including our own. Our internship programs have given many students the real-world career experience they need while providing employers with eager, educated, and professional employees.
Our own intern, Brielle Burris, graduated from George Mason University (GMU) on May 17. We are fortunate enough to have her joining us full-time to continue the valuable work she has contributed to our team. We asked Brielle to provide some insight into her experiences as an intern and to reflect on her time with EEI thus far.

What made you choose EEI to build your professional career?
I chose EEI because the values of the company match my personal values. I was drawn by the company’s woman-owned status and that the CEO is a GMU alumna. I felt an instant connection with the company based on its achievements, awards, and constant positive recognition. After my interview, where I experienced friendly faces and an affirming environment, my desire to work here grew even stronger.

Did you feel the work you performed as an intern was a valuable experience in relation to your studies?
The hands-on environment EEI granted me was more beneficial than my studies. Because my program is new to GMU, it is broad in its orientation. With the direct access to the human resources field at work, I was able to confirm that this is the field for me. The experience I have obtained here was critical to confirming my career path.
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How did GMU prepare you for the workforce?
My education has been an immeasurable asset to my personal and professional life. Professionally, GMU has instilled etiquette, professionalism, and perseverance. The resources the university provides – such as resume building, the Handshake job search tool, and job fairs – have been an asset to my professional development.

Briefly note new skills, key techniques, and industry knowledge you gained in this position.
My time at EEI enhanced my natural ability to multitask and practice good time management. Through the team-centered environment, I was able to learn new adaptive skills to best assist my coworkers in assigned tasks. I expanded my human resources knowledge through the various visual, logical, and verbal learning opportunities at EEI.

What have you found to be most valuable about working at EEI?
The most valuable aspect of working for EEI is the constant recognition that I receive. The way the company celebrates each employee’s success is unparalleled. On any given day, there are bells ringing and cheering to acknowledge the new heights, accomplishments, and success of all employees. This has helped me become confident in my ability to perform well and has encouraged me to reach new heights.

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Written by: Sarah Perlman

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