Increasing Your Chances of Landing a Job with Little Experience

Apr 20, 2023

When you review job postings, are you only applying to the ones you’re completely qualified for? If so, according to the Harvard Business Review, you’re aiming too low.

Qualifications around years of experience can be troublesome, especially for entry-level applicants. If you just graduated college, how can you have 2-3 years of experience? The key is to apply for those positions even if you don’t have the required experience. As you will see below, there are many ways to demonstrate both your past work and your potential for greatness. Keep these tips in mind as you review job descriptions and apply for new positions.

Consider ALL Prior Experience

When building out your resume, remember to include all the different experience you have. Even if you don’t have internships or other professional experience, consider the other work you’ve completed.
Volunteer experience is beneficial in many ways. Not only does it show your experience and willingness to work, it highlights your values and character. If your volunteer work is aligned with the misson and/or values of the company you’re applying to, it can make a good impression on the hiring manager.

Highlight Your Skills

You can also include a section on your resume for relevant coursework. Many senior-level classes require massive projects, and some include working with businesses outside the educational system. Providing brief details about the skills you acquired and the projects you completed can be helpful if you don’t have any other experience to share.

Outline your technical skills on your resume, but be sure to also include soft skills you’ve obtained. Time management, organizational skills, attention to detail, and written and oral communication are common requirements for nearly every job posting!

Ace Your Cover Letter

When it comes down to hiring, you must make an impression on the hiring manager. Your resume is an objective representative of your work self, but your cover letter is the place where you can really show yourself off.

This is the place to emphasize how your acquired skills and past experience (whether outside school or through courses) can benefit the company. Use the listed qualifications as a guide to show how you would be a great fit. Be sure to express your interest and be confident!

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