How to Use Social Media for Your Job Search

Apr 26, 2022

Businesses have grown exponentially in recent years, and recruiting has become a challenge in today’s market. As companies focus more on recruiting top talent, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have become trending places for companies to post-hiring announcements and open positions.

To find success on these social platforms, you need to make the most of them. Networking is key! Follow these tips to make social media work to your advantage.


In 2017, Facebook (now part of the Meta family of platforms) created the job postings and application process for companies to hire directly through the platform. As of now, the United States has almost 180 million Facebook users and more than 50 million businesses have a Facebook page. So how does this benefit you?

  • As a Facebook user, you’re able to search for positions that spark your interest.
  • Once you find a job, you can easily apply by entering your work experience and education history. Consider creating a resume template so it’s easier to copy and paste your information into the Facebook description boxes.
  • Explore other ways that being active on Facebook can help you in your job search.


Instagram is also one Meta’s assets. However, Instagram does not have job postings or an application process. So why mention it here? You can still use Instagram for finding a new job opportunity.

  • Search the job title you’re interested in, which will show job graphics and ads that companies have posted
  • Search hashtags like #hiring, #jobs, or #work. These hashtags will show you general posts of companies that are hiring. This is a useful technique for anyone interested trying out a new industry.


LinkedIn is arguably the best platform to find your next job opportunity. Searching for jobs on LinkedIn is simple. You can easily filter postings by location, job type, experience level, and more! With 14 million open jobs looking for top talent, you need to make your applications stand out.

  • Update your LinkedIn profile with your employment history, education, and compelling language that describes who you are and what you do. Don’t forget to use keywords in your headline so that you appear in searches done by recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Explore taking some LinkedIn certifications that could help your profile standout from other applicants.
  • Set your profile to “open to work” so that it’s clear you’re open to discussing new positions.
  • Become active in different LinkedIn groups and network with others in your industry.

Don’t shy away from the endless possibilities social media can bring to your job search. Put these cultural tools to use for more than just social interactions and reap the rewards!

Written by: Alessandra Cespedes

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