How to Get a Second Interview in 5 Steps

Jun 9, 2022

Ever wonder why you haven’t had a call back after your first interview? There could be several reasons, and we’re here to help you figure out what you can do to secure your next career opportunity.

When interviewing for a company that matches your career goals, you want to leave a good impression on their recruiting team. We’ve compiled a list of must-dos to nail your next job interview!

1. Research, research, research!

Before going into your job interview, make sure to look at who the company is and what they do. Apart from leaving a good impression, you want to make sure you’re the right fit for the company. Most likely the recruiter will also ask whether you know anything about the company, so you want to be prepared!

2. Dress Appropriately

When researching, be sure to check any company photos on their social media channels and website and dress according to their dress code. Not only will your knowledge of the company present you well, but so will your physical appearance!

3. Don’t Stress!

When interviewing, you don’t always have to give the perfect answer. Recruiters know when you are feeling tense, and most of them truly want you to enjoy the interview process. Companies want to hire the REAL you. They want you to feel comfortable; otherwise, they could get the impression that you are always stressed.

4. Your Body Language Matters

Whether you’re interviewing in person or online, your body language is still visible! When interviewing, make sure you speak slow and steady, have good posture, and don’t be scared to emphasize your points with hand gestures.

5. Prepare Your Questions

During the last part of your interview, your recruiter will ask “do you have any questions for me?” This is your time to shine! You should prepare 5-10 questions regarding the company culture, the company itself, its employees, and more. (Make sure you don’t ask something that’s easily found online, though!) Even if you ask one question, the chances of getting hired increase.

Written by: Alessandra Cespedes

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