How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

Feb 17, 2023

A job interview is a major occasion in your work life. You spend so much time preparing and rehearsing beforehand, but what should you do after? The short answer is that you should follow up. The details, however, can make or break your experience.

Reflect On Your Interview
After your interview is complete and you’re back to reality, review your notes. Are there any questions still unanswered about the position or the company? Is there anything you forgot to tell the interviewer about your skills and experience?

Create a list of questions and/or talking points that you would like to include in your follow-up email. Also, be sure to prepare anything the interviewer asked you to send, like an updated copy of your resume or a writing sample.

Thank the Hiring Manager and Interview Team
To start your follow-up email, show your gratitude. Thank the interviewer and the recruiting team (if applicable) for the opportunity to meet with them.

For example: “Thank you for your time today and for the opportunity to meet with you. I enjoyed learning about [list some things that stood out]. These areas resonated with me because [spell out why you liked them].”

Ask Your Questions and Reiterate Your Skills
If you identified questions you forgot to ask, briefly inquire in your email. You can also take the opportunity to restate your interest and share you top skills.

For example: “I’m sure the competition for this position is steep! Still, I am confident that my ability to [list 3 skills that were on the job description and/or talked about in the interview] would make me a great addition to your team.”

Be Patient!
Once you send your follow-up email, it’s important that you are patient while you wait for a response. Most companies will respond to your email within a week, but there is always a chance that it could take longer. Try not to get too wrapped up waiting! Decompress with your favorite hobby, pick up some new skills, and prepare for your next interview.

Written by: Alessandra Cespedes

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