How to Develop Skills Employers Want in 2024

Feb 8, 2024

Welcome to 2024, the year that promises both challenges and opportunities in the midst of an evolving job market. As you navigate the changes, it’s important to assess the shifting dynamics—including the skills most wanted by employers. Understanding these skill sets will help keep you one step ahead of your competition for top jobs.

In the last few years, employees have been encouraged repeatedly to strengthen their skills. Suggestions include proficiency in digital tools, adaptability to new software programs, strong analytical and problem-solving abilities… and the list goes on. All these are still relevant, but 2024 will introduce a new wave of skills.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) projects a significant transformation over the next five years. According to the WEF, 83 million jobs will be lost while 69 million new opportunities will emerge. This dynamic shift signifies not just a turnover of positions but a complete realignment of the skills required to navigate the job market successfully. What’s the driving force behind this? Increased global digital access resulting from technological advances is a major driver. The localization of supply chains and a continued emphasis on sustainability are also key force.

So what does this mean for job seekers and professionals?

The top three predicted skills sets that will help employees thrive in this new market are creative thinking, analytical thinking, and technological literacy. According to another report by the WEF, there will be a heavy focus on these cognitive skills as business problems increase in complexity.


How to Grow Your Creative Thinking Skills

According to an article in Forbes, the monotony of our lives is a major creativity killer. The best way to develop your creative thinking skills is to take part in things outside of your comfort zone. As you stimulate different parts of your brain, you also open new avenues for creative thinking. Anything that opens your mind to new perspectives, experiences, or cultures is great for sparking your imagination.

Even something as simple as writing by hand—especially in cursive—can open new pathways in your brain and improve your creative thinking skills!


How to Improve Your Analytical Thinking

When it comes to analytical thinking, engaging in problem-solving activities is the most important thing you can do. Solving puzzles (both math-based and written, like riddles) has amazing brain-boosting effects. As it turns out, the Wordle craze had people around the country thinking analytically on a daily basis!

Surprisingly, reading a book or watching a movie with a complex plot can also help you improve your analytical thinking skills. The key is to continue challenging yourself to think critically and find solutions.


How to Boost Your Technological Literacy

To improve your technological literacy, invest your time in education. It doesn’t have to be formal classes; you can take online courses or earn certifications. Start with mastering software and tools relevant to the industry your currently work in or aspire to join. From there, you can focus on identifying and learning the latest technology trends that would be applicable to many fields. After all, those 69 million new opportunities that the WEF is anticipating will likely be in fields we haven’t even heard of yet!


Top Soft Skills to Prioritize in 2024

What are some more skills to hone in on in 2024? Think soft. We all know that skills like attention to detail, time management, and staying organized are timeless. But soft skills like curiosity and lifelong learning are rising in importance in employers’ eyes. The latest hiring trend is to “hire for attitude, train for skills.” This places an emphasis on traits like positivity, resilience, flexibility—and above all, respect and professionalism.


With a conscious effort, you can ensure that your skill sets are top-tier. You’ll be sure to stand out when competing in the job market throughout the coming years! Consistent practice and commitment to learning are the essentials for strengthening your skills. Continue to challenge yourself in different contexts of your life for best results.

Written by: Employment Enterprises

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