Giving Thanks: 5 Benefits to Sending a Post-Interview Thank You Note

Nov 26, 2021

A simple thank-you can go a long a way, especially in the job search process. In a recent survey, 68% of hiring staff agreed that the interview thank-you has become more significant following the COVID-19 pandemic. Sending a thank-you note within a day after an interview is a small but influential act that could improve your chances of landing the job. Here are 5 benefits to taking the time to show gratitude after your interview.

1. It shows your professional courtesy and respect.

In our busy world, gratitude is often overlooked. Let the hiring manager know that you appreciate their time and efforts in interviewing you. Not only will saying thank you make them feel appreciated, but it also has many personal benefits such as increased positive emotions.

2. It communicates your enthusiasm.

Most people believe that an interview is the last step before receiving a job offer. By taking the time to craft a thank-you note, it shows that you’re excited about the job opportunity and looking forward to the next steps. Enthusiasm is just as important as your experience and credentials.

3. It demonstrates your soft skills.

Soft skills are valuable in any industry and sending a thank-you note gives you the opportunity to show them. Your interviewer will see your written communication, a skill that you will use everyday with colleagues and customers. A thank-you note will also show your attention to detail by following up even after the interview is over.

4. It makes you memorable.

If there are many candidates interviewing for the same position, sending a thank-you message is a great way to stand out. It’s also an opportunity to show off your personal brand and your individuality. There may be a chance that you’re the only one who will send a thank-you; it’s a small way to make yourself shine.

5. It gives you another chance to say why you’re a great fit.

Have you left an interview wishing you had clarified certain skills? Or have you left forgetting to mention a crucial part of your candidacy? Your thank-you message is a chance to reiterate anything that you want the hiring manager to know. Summarize why you’re the perfect person for the job.

Bonus Tips

While there aren’t many downsides to sending a thank-you note after an interview, it’s important to do it right. Avoid delivering your message through text message or social media; an email or phone call is best. A handwritten note may add a personal touch, but it may not get to your interviewer in time due to the fast nature of the hiring process.

Be sure to put thought into your thanks. A note that is full of mistakes or sent too soon can come off as superficial and obligatory rather than gracious. Once you’ve made final touches, your thank-you note will continue your great impression following your interview.

Written by: Sadie Aram

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