Giving Back to the Community

Nov 12, 2020

Community involvement plays a huge role in corporate success. Knowing this, Employment Enterprises, Inc. (EE, Inc.) founder and president Lovey Hammel has spearheaded many initiatives to give back. Through Employment Enterprises and its subsidiaries, Checks and Balances, Inc. and Temporary Solutions, Inc., Lovey has supported educational programs, veteran hiring initiatives, and health awareness campaigns.


Lovey is committed to improving the opportunities for education and lifelong learning in people’s lives. Starting within the company, she promotes the highest level of education for each of her employees. She also focuses on supporting businesses and community programs that support these endeavors outside the company. As a proud George Mason University (GMU) alumnus, much of Lovey’s educational support is done through her alma mater. She has developed a variety of scholarship opportunities at GMU to give struggling families the resources to pay for higher education. Additionally, Lovey has worked with Benedictine Aid and Relief Neighbors (BARN) to help young mothers increase their skills and break out of the poverty cycle.

Veteran Hiring Initiatives

Each year, thousands of veterans re-enter the civilian workforce with resumes full of military acronyms and experience that does not easily translate to civilian jobs. This challenge ultimately leads to a high unemployment rate for these deserving individuals. EE, Inc. is dedicated to assisting our veterans through this rocky transition by training, connecting, and helping them find jobs .

Autism Awareness

One in 68 Americans is autistic, and each person with Autism Spectrum Disorder should be valued for their unique talents and gifts . At EE, Inc., we are committed to promoting autism awareness and working towards ensuring its acceptance in schools, communities, and higher learning institutions. This is a personal cause for many of our employees who are touched by family and friends with ASD.

Breast Cancer Awareness

After her personal fight against breast cancer, Lovey became an advocate for breast cancer awareness. The entire EE, Inc. team rallied around Lovey during her struggle, and we continue to support the fight against breast cancer through regular donations and participation in awareness events. Lovey has donated a portion of the company’s sales toward nonprofit funds, helping them raise over $2 million since 2004.

The importance of giving back to the community cannot be understated. Employment Enterprises, Checks and Balances, and Temporary Solutions are proud to give back to the local community and help change it for the better. With Giving Tuesday around the corner (December 1st), consider making a donation to a charity of your choice so that you too can give back.

Written by: Patrick Maercklein

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