8 Top Attributes Recruiters Look For When Hiring

May 25, 2023

In a recent survey, recruiters and hiring managers were asked to list the top attributes they look for in job seekers. Not limited to skills, these attributes encompass all that can be learned from a candidate’s resume and interviews. While some of this information may seem obvious, the responses are a strong reminder that job seekers need to make a solid first impression.


1. Strong Communication Skills

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the most commonly desired attribute in a candidate is strong communication skills. Whether written or spoken, hiring managers need to know that a candidate can communicate clearly. They want someone who is articulate when speaking and concise when writing. They look for candidates who provide thorough explanations without rambling on. Overall, the way a person communicates sets the tone for their level of professionalism.

2. Responsiveness

Recruiters place a high ranking on responsive candidates. If the candidate doesn’t respond to email requests or voicemails in a timely manner, they move on. The hiring process moves too quickly to cater to people who don’t place a priority on communicating with those looking to hire.


3. Self-Awareness

A candidate’s ability to understand themselves and how they come across to others is an important part of their success. However, self-awareness doesn’t only help with interpersonal communications. If a candidate is aware of their work style, ability to adapt, response to feedback, and more, it can make for a much easier to fit into a company’s culture.


4. Transparency/Honesty

According to CNBC, over half of Americans admit to lying on their resume! But why would anyone take that risk when they’re sure to get caught eventually? Between skills tests and reference checks, there’s no good reason to risk lying. Recruiters and hiring managers consider this grounds for immediate disqualification not only for the role they’re currently hiring for, but any future roles with the company as well.


5. Authenticity

Anyone can say the right things in an interview. Recruiters want to know that a candidate means what they are saying. Empty promises help no one, and candidates are encouraged to be themselves for a reason. A genuine interest in the position and the company is crucial for a successful job placement.


6. Personality

Along with being authentic, recruiters and hiring managers like to learn about a candidate’s personality. Are they shy and reserved or loud and outgoing? Do they take meticulous notes or learn from hands-on practice? This is not to say that personal details should be shared! But mentioning your hobbies is not off-limits if the topic comes up.


7. Experience

This is the meat of any job interview, and for good reason. A candidate’s experience is the most important piece of their personal history. It can show how they work, what they’ve learned, and what they are able to do. A list of prior roles and responsibilities isn’t enough to secure a role, though. Hiring managers want to hear firsthand how a candidate’s experiences have shaped them and how they can bring value to the new role.


8. Enthusiasm

Hiring hardworking employees is every hiring manager’s goal. But the enthusiasm a candidate has for their role can sometimes be even more important. Compare a hardworking employee who simply gets the job done with an enthusiastic employee who is constantly seeking to improve both themselves and the company. If you enjoy your work and put all your effort into it, everyone will be better off!

Written by: Sarah Perlman

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