7 Signs That It May Be Time to Switch Jobs

Jun 10, 2021

More than half of U.S. workers said they were looking for new job opportunities or considered moving jobs in 2020. What could have prompted so many employees to search for a switch? The pandemic seems like an obvious answer for last year, but it’s not unusual for a large percentage of workers to be looking for a new job at any given time.

Making a job change is not an easy decision, but you shouldn’t ignore thoughts that are telling you find a new opportunity. Here are some indications that a new job would be beneficial for you.

1. You don’t feel valued at your current job.

Do you often feel like you’re not making an impact at work? Or that you aren’t able to speak up? Feeling like your input is insignificant can make your job less rewarding, which can influence your work ethic.

2. Advancement is not likely in your current position.

Having a job isn’t just about working. It’s also about learning new skills and growing as a professional. Only 38 percent of workers say their job offers good advancement opportunities. With no signs of moving up, it may be time to find a job that highlights your expanding skill set.

3. You spend your free time dreading your work week.

If you have frequent negative thoughts about going to work, don’t ignore them! The time you spend stressing at home correlates to how you feel at work. Your negative thoughts may be affecting your performance, making work less fulfilling—not to mention ruining your time away.

4. You are working in an unhealthy environment.

Nearly one in five workers said they face a hostile environment at work. It’s crucial that you have a good relationship with your colleagues. After all, you spend most of your week with them. Not getting along with your coworkers or having a toxic manager could be hindering your growth as a professional.

5. Your current job is affecting your health.

A stressful job can affect your mental and physical health. Fatigue, high blood pressure, and bad eating habits are some of the symptoms of a stressful job. If your health is suffering because of your work, it’s definitely time to look for a change.

6. You can’t be yourself at work.

It’s important to remain professional at work, but it’s draining to put on a false personality. Research shows that hiding who you are at work can be destructive to your sense of self. A job that values individuality can make you feel more valued and motivated.

7. You’re not following your passion.

There are a few reasons why it’s okay to have a job that you’re not 100% passionate about, like financial well-being and practicality. However, if you feel like you’re meant to do something bigger and better, it may be time to move on from your current job. Although working towards your dream job can take time, there’s no better time to start than now!

Written by: Sadie Aram

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