6 Tips to Sell Yourself During a Job Interview

Apr 22, 2021

The modern work environment can be extremely competitive and demanding, meaning you will need to confidently sell yourself if you want to stand out from the rest. Below are some tips on how you can sell yourself (your experience and specific skills) to achieve interview success.

1. Carry yourself with confidence!

Do everything you can to project confidence when you meet with interviewers. Make sure you’re sitting up straight with good posture, practice your handshake and eye contact, and avoid tapping your feet or hands or doing anything else that’s distracting.

2. Practice what you want to say.

Interviews always contain the question, “Why you are interested in this position?” Count on this kind of question as your first opportunity to make a great impression and to sell yourself. Your response should be about your experiences and skills and how they make you a good fit for the role. Practice interviewing with a friend or record yourself answering questions to see how you sound and look.

3. Dress to impress.

There is no specific guideline on what to wear to an interview. However, first impressions are everything. Research shows that non-verbal interactions have more impact than anything you say. Presenting yourself well and in proper attire will make it easier for interviewers to shortlist you for hiring.

4. Put your skills and strengths on display.

Prepare to talk about specific facts and accomplishments from past roles. It’s best to be specific and detailed when talking about past work. You should be familiar with exactly what you accomplished in your two or three most recent roles so that you can go into more detail and respond confidently when the hiring manager asks. Speak confidently, but most importantly, focus on your added ‘value’ to the job being discussed.

5. Know the potential employer.

Start with briefing yourself about the company, its history, its past victories, its competitors, and anything else that comes up in your research! This will enhance your chances of getting the job because you know the company and how you can help them.

6. Passion can go a long way.

Employers will respond better towards candidates who are passionate about their work. Show the hiring manager that you want the position and that you are proud of what you have to offer. Showing your passion will give you a huge advantage over other candidates.

Written by: Brianne Tomko

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