6 Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager–and Yourself–Before Accepting a Job Offer

Nov 11, 2021

When you’ve completed numerous interviews to no avail, your first job offer may seem attractive and hard to reject. If you’re too hasty when accepting a job offer, you may be missing out on information that you wish you’d known before making your decision. Here are a few questions you can ask your hiring manager and yourself to ensure that the job is the right fit for you.

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1. Can I get this offer in writing?

Only so much can be said in a verbal offer, so it’s not the best idea to say yes before gathering more details. A written offer will likely include information about salary, benefits, intended start date, who you will report to, and next steps. After seeing concrete evidence of what the job offers, you are in a better place to give an informed and confident “yes” or further negotiate your needs.

2. Is my salary negotiable?

A written offer may include a salary, but it may not be set in stone. The best way to know if you can get paid more is to ask, especially if you aren’t satisfied with the initial offer. Don’t expect companies to tell you if a salary is negotiable; sometimes they purposely don’t.

3. How will my success be measured?

In addition to knowing your responsibilities, knowing what success looks like can give you a great map of what the company wants out of someone in your position. It also shows the hiring manager that you’re interested in the role and eager to do your best work.


4. Do I have any initial concerns about the position or the company?

If you have any reservations about company culture or company reputation, take those into consideration when deciding whether to take a job offer. Thinking about any initial concerns can lead to more questions you should ask yourself or your hiring manager.

5. Is there room for personal growth and company growth?

Consider if this job will align with career goals that you’ve set for yourself. Will you expand your skillset, setting you up for promotion in the future? Advancement is important, and some may seek a job switch if it is not an option in their current position.

6. Are you excited?

While there are some instances where it’s okay to take a job you’re not passionate about, think about how doing the job would make you feel. If you’re looking forward to your responsibilities, then that is a good sign. If taking this job will delay your goals, it may be smart to keep searching for job offers that give you a larger sense of enthusiasm.

Although it’s tempting to accept a job offer immediately, these questions will give you the right information to make a confident decision. It also shows the hiring manager that you know your worth. Remember, you’re interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you!

Written by: Sadie Aram

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