4 Myths Career Changers Should Rethink

Aug 4, 2022

People moving into new career fields are currently trending on various social media platforms. The leap between industries can be big, but if you can be adaptable, the change can pay off. New lingo and new responsibilities can be challenging, but the ability for new personal and professional growth are work the learning curve! We invite you to rethink a few myths about adapting to a new industry.

Myth: It’s OK to quit your current job while you search for what you’re passionate about.

Truth: Don’t quit your job until you know your next step!

Before leaving your current job, we recommend researching whether potential new industries are right for you. There are various fields that are looking for amazing candidates, so see which ones align with your skills, your values, and your needs.

Myth: You can’t tailor your resume to any job you find.

Truth: Any resume is adaptable!

You may think it’s impossible to adapt your current resume to what the new industry is looking for. But that’s a myth! There are a few ways you can adapt your resume to show how your skills are transferrable. Look at each job’s responsibilities and qualifications, and pull out key words and phrases that you can relate to your skills. If you have even the slightest experience, you should use strong action verbs in your resume and highlight how you are a great fit.

Don’t forget to mention your soft skills on your resume! For example, any leadership position you had in the past could translate to a Project Manager, Manager of Operations, etc.

Myth: You won’t be able to understand their language or lingo.

Truth: You are adaptable and will catch on quickly!

At first, you may be confused about the unique lingo or language used in a new field. Though it can be frustrating at first, have an open mind and write down anything new that you might need in future conversations. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or even use Google to determine meanings or learn what acronyms stand for.

The company that hired you will appreciate your enthusiasm to learn, and you will earn respect as someone who is able to change and grow.

Myth: You don’t know anyone that works in the field.

Truth: Your connections are stronger than you think!

Once you have identified a company you’d like to apply to, research their company page on LinkedIn. There is a helpful tool LinkedIn provides where you can see alumni from the university you attended, the high school you attended, and the companies where you’ve worked. Reach out to any contacts who currently work at the company or within the industry. Your message doesn’t have to be complicated! It can be a brief introduction to who you are and what you’re looking for, as well as a question about how they broke into the industry. Alumni are usually eager to help those that reach out, so don’t be nervous.

For those who do not have a LinkedIn account, now is the time to open one! If you are curious about how to create a stand-out profile, read our tips.

Written by: Alessandra Cespedes

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