4 Myths – and One Truth – About Working for a Staffing Agency in 2021

Sep 16, 2021

September 13-17, 2021 is National Staffing Employee Week, and we want to thank our staffing employees for choosing to work with Temporary Solutions!

Most people hear “staffing agency” and immediately think “temporary work” or “administrative work” only. Our recruiters want to change the perception of today’s staffing firms and explain how a dedicated partner can help you find a new job that’s right for you. Let’s unpack some common myths – and discover a truth – about working for a staffing agency.


Myth #1: Staffing Agencies Don’t Pay Well

Agencies offer competitive pay for all positions – they must, or else they’d be missing out on the best talent. You get what you pay for, and great candidates don’t grow on trees. Recruiters are constantly on the look out for candidates at all levels of employment, from seasoned workers to recent grads, and the pay scales accordingly. In addition, it’s not all about the dollars and cents. Staffing agencies typically provide a benefits package that includes healthcare, paid time off, and even retirement savings plans.


Myth #2: Agencies Don’t Have “Real” Jobs

High-level job seekers or those in specialized fields might think that a staffing agency has no opportunities for them – and they’d be wrong. Staffing employees work in various occupations in all sectors of the workforce, and some even specialize in healthcare jobs, IT jobs, and other industry-specific needs. Recruiters look to build a network of job seekers in a wide range of occupations so that they are able to place people in their desired position quickly.


Myth #3: The Job Will Only Last a [Day, Week, Month]

Today’s staffing agencies are not solely supplying clients with temporary workers. Many clients are looking toward staffing agencies to provide workforce solutions as a total package, including outsourcing their hiring, onboarding, and payrolling activities to staffing agencies. Temporary jobs are still available, but so are temp-to-hire and permanent job opportunities. While the average tenure of a temporary job is under three months, one-third of temporary employees are offered a permanent job by a client where they worked on an assignment.


Myth #4: Agencies Are For Those Who Are Jobless

While a staffing agency can help someone who is jobless find a new job quickly, recent reports have shown that 51% of workers are actively searching for new jobs. Most people are open to new experiences, especially if those experiences can bring about an upgrade in responsibilities, salary, and/or work environment and commute time. Employees are also willing to leave their current job for a more meaningful one, whether they find that meaning in helping others or finding more fulfillment in their new job role.

The Truth: Staffing Agencies Provide Flexibility and Opportunity with a Personal Touch

There’s a reason that more than three million employees work for staffing companies in America each week, and more than 15 million employees are hired each year. Top benefits cited include: the ability to “try before you buy” in temp-to-hire positions where employees and employers can get a feel for each other before further commitment; scheduling flexibility and better control over work environment; and a greater sense of freedom that comes from being able to make a change quickly and efficiently without drama.

Spare yourself the agony of poring over job listings and constantly searching for your next opportunity. If you’re looking for a new job, work with a staffing agency recruiter who can act as your personal job concierge and find the perfect opportunity for the next step in your career.

Contact us at recruiters@eeihr.com to explore the job opportunities we have for you!

Written by: Sarah Perlman

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