4 Job Prep Tips for December Graduates

Dec 3, 2019

When college graduation is over, a flood of new talent enters the workforce. Ideally, these recent grads have a job lined up pending graduation. But even if they are still searching, now is the time to remind your grads of valuable lessons and have them recommit to their most ambitious goals. Here are four tips for seniors looking to enter the workforce soon.

Get Those References

Be sure to gather 3-5 strong references that you can provide to potential employers when asked. If you completed an internship, ask your internship supervisor to be a reference. If you worked a part-time job or volunteered, those supervisors will make strong references. Sometimes having a good reference can mean the difference between getting the job or not.

Establish a Presence on LinkedIn

Students should create a LinkedIn profile—the sooner the better. LinkedIn is the platform where recruiters and hiring managers will look for recent grads. Your online presence is important but takes time to build. Every potential employer or meaningful connection will be researching applicants on social media. Bonus: Your school’s alumni association probably has a LinkedIn group where you can network!

Inspect and Polish Your Resume

Your resume is the first impression a prospective employer will get of you. Review our tips for writing a stellar resume.

Continue Building Skills

Employers appreciate candidates who are dedicated to lifelong learning. Focus on building a repertoire of skills that will benefit you in your career choices. Soft skills are especially valuable and may give you an edge over other recent grads.

Written by: Brianne Tomko

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