3 Reasons Why Diversity in the Workplace Should Matter to You

Mar 4, 2022

From affecting the bottom line to economic development, diversity in the workplace is positive for businesses. It’s important, though, to truly value diversity in your life. As a woman-owned business, Employment Enterprises strives to foster diversity and encourages you to think about how diversity benefits your life both at work and in your personal life. Here are 3 reasons why diversity should matter to you.

1. Diverse teams foster new ideas.

Organizations with diversity benefit from the multitude of ideas that team members have to offer. Without diversity, your team may miss an important opinion that leads the rest of your decision-making. After all, diversity is proven to drive better decisions. An increase in ideas then leads to a boost in creativity and innovation. Additionally, a diverse team can better understand and represent the communities they serve.

2. Diversity enhances your learning and makes you a more well-rounded person.

Exposure to diversity is a great way to listen to others’ unique backgrounds and experiences. This dialogue may even prompt you to change the way you think. True steps towards inclusion can’t happen if people don’t recognize the many unique ways people go through life. Interacting with different communities, beliefs, and concepts will help you become an integral part of a global society.

3. You can be an advocate for diversity in the workplace.

While more companies have been making strides towards increased diversity and inclusion, there is still a long way to go. Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of diversity, you can act as an advocate for change in your organizations. You have a chance to shape your company culture! Diversity shouldn’t just be an initiative; it should be integrated in everyone’s personal philosophy.

This list may be finite, but the benefits of diversity are never-ending. Consider reflecting on ways that diversity has positively affected your life. By embracing diversity, you are contributing to a more supportive community for those around you and fostering an inclusive space no matter where you go.

Written by: Sadie Aram

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