3 Key Tips For Using Certifications On Your Resume

Sep 8, 2022

Are you using certifications on your resume – and doing it correctly?

Certifications are credentials that show you have mastered a skill. They allow hiring managers, who are always looking for the right skill sets, to quickly see your expertise and willingness to go above and beyond what is expected. Your enthusiasm to educate yourself further makes you stand out amongst the pool of applicants for any position.

Certifications boost your credibility within your specific industry, but many can also translate to other fields. They’re an easy addition to your career toolkit and can not only help you land a new job but also potentially get a raise in your current role. Before pursuing certifications and adding them to your resume, review these commonly asked questions.

1. Why Should I Include Certifications on My Resume?

Certifications show that you are not only qualified for a job, but you’re also committed to learning more. Recently, there has been an uptick in jobs requiring specialty certifications on different industry-related platforms. Even if a position doesn’t require them, certifications are an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. Your industry experience and relevant job history are already strong factors but adding a certification can boost your chances of getting an interview – or even getting hired.

2. Where Should I Put the Certifications on My Resume?

Placement of certifications also depends on how critical they are to the job and position. If the certification you are listing is required, then it needs to stand out within your resume. Some certifications can be represented by using a designation after your name, like MBA. You can also place required certifications in an added certification section near the top of your resume, skills section, or work experience. Any extra certifications can be placed before your education section or after your experience section. Keep in mind, if you place a certification by your name, it should be the most relevant to the position or the strongest supplement to your title.

3. What If I’m In the Process of Completing a Certification?

If you’re still in the process of completing a certification but want to add it to your resume, put the certification in the spot of your choice along with your anticipated completion date. The hiring manager will see that you are in the process of obtaining the certification.

Certifications serve many purposes throughout your career and can be found within any industry. Take advantage of free certifications available and network with others in your industry to find out the most effective certifications to get hired.

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Written by: Emilie Shiley

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