Corporate Culture

Giving Back

We understand that involvement in the surrounding community is important to our success. We give back by implementing corporate initiatives that support a wide range of constituents and causes.

  • Education—President Lovey Hammel is committed to improving the opportunities for education and lifelong learning in people’s lives. She developed scholarship opportunities at George Mason University for families that struggle with rising tuition and worked with Benedictine Aid and Relief Neighbors (BARN) to help young mothers increase their skills and break out of the poverty cycle.
  • Veteran Hiring—Training, connecting, and helping veterans find jobs is at the forefront of our corporate social responsibility goals. Our company is dedicated to assisting our veterans through this rocky transition. EE, Inc. has many veterans on staff, as well as military spouses who came to the area through their significant others’ assignments to the Washington, D.C. area.
  • Autism Awareness—We are committed to promoting and encouraging autism awareness and working towards ensuring acceptance and inclusion in schools, communities, and higher learning institutions where each person with Autism Spectrum Disorder is truly valued for their unique talents and gifts. This is a personal cause for many of our employees who are touched by family and friends with ASD.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness—After her personal fight against breast cancer, President Lovey Hammel became an advocate for breast cancer awareness, and the entire EE, Inc. team is behind her efforts. The office rallied around Lovey during her struggle, and we continue to support the fight against breast cancer by committing to donations in our community and raising awareness.

A Great Company to Work For

Employment Enterprises aims to cultivate an employee-centric culture to engage, motivate, and empower employees while fostering emotional commitment to their work. Studies have shown that companies with engaged employees are more likely to be successful than those who are not motivated to seek out challenges and new experiences in their work.

This culture also helps to retain qualified employees because a highly engaged workforce is more likely to retain top performers as well as attract new talent. We proactively add value for our employees by staying on top of best practices and providing valuable experiences that they can be proud of. Some examples of these practices include:

  • Training Experts. We place employees in jobs that allow them to use the best of their natural talents and develop their strengths. When we onboard employees, we train them to effectively do their jobs and educate them on their purpose and how they fit into the company’s overall goals.
  • Embracing a Culture of Compassion. Our managers are guided to be compassionate leaders who are authentic, empathetic, and lead with integrity. We encourage open communication at all levels of the company and between departments, and we ensure that managers are available and respond quickly to employees. We also survey our employees periodically to assess their engagement and satisfaction.
  • Investing in Employees. We provide employees with professional development opportunities through education and certifications as well as ways to continually grow through challenging new tasks and positions within the company.

Strengthen Your Workforce